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Solar Water Heater
Solution Provider in India

INCA Solar Water Heating Systems are specifically designed and manufactured to heat water using two major technologies, Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) and Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC). In both technologies, fundamental principle used is thermo siphon. Collectors tap the heat from the sun and transfer it through convection to heat up the water up to the temperatures of 80°C. Solar water heating systems are cheaper than conventional electric water heating systems of same capacity.

The unique feature of the system is the HDGI Zinc coated tank of the  system. It has been designed to withstand hard water applications up to 1800ppm. Thus, INCA proudly presents itself the manufacturer of World’s first and only water heating system with a 10 year* warranty.

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Inca - Why should you choose Inca solar products

Why Should You Choose
INCA Solar Products?

Energy Efficient

Experience the difference with INCA'S best in class Solar Products designed to perform at extreme efficiency.

Engineered For India

Incorporating the US technologies, INCA has been designed carefully for the climatic conditions of India.

Robust Design

INCA'S solar products are crafted to perfection to deliver maximum energy even in low sunlight conditions.

Rigorous Testing

At INCA, every equipment, machinery and parts undergo extreme quality checks to the produce finest Solar products.

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