The world is changing, and so are the weather conditions. Global warming is at an all-time high. Hence people are now looking for sustainable options that are good for both the user and the environment. Hence people are now looking for sustainable options that are good for both the user and the environment. Especially when it comes to using equipment like a water heater. Normal water heaters became the new norm as they helped people to cope with extreme winter conditions. However, of late, the world now realizes that using water heaters uses up a lot of electricity. Increased usage of electricity needs a rise in the production of electricity, and hence it causes a dip in natural resources. To solve this issue, solar water heaters are a great alternative that is slowly gathering a lot of praise. The question that arises is whether solar water heaters are worth the cost. To know if it is, read the article below:

When should you use a solar water heater?

Solar water heaters are the best option when it comes to getting hot water without using up non-renewable energy resources. Since using solar energy is a free-to-use option, people are now inclining more toward having the best solar water heaters instead of normal water heaters. There are two main reasons why people are now switching from electric water heaters to solar water heaters. One is that it saves cost, and the other is that it can be used during power cuts too.

Is a solar water heater worth it?

Apart from the effectiveness of solar water heaters, there are still people who think that switching water heaters are worth the cost or not. Below are a few aspects that explain how solar water heaters are worth the money that people invest.

Cost-Saving In The Long Run

When people think about getting solar water heaters installed, the primary question is how costly they can be. The fact remains that the installation does have expensive charges. However, the cost is only a one-time expense. There are no other charges post the installation process is complete. The only expense that can occur is if there is wear and tear that needs to be taken off.

Solar Water Heater Are More Efficient

Looking at the way non-renewable energy is being used up, there are chances that there will be a shortage of it in the future. As solar water heater uses solar energy, which is a never-ending source of energy, it is highly efficient in all aspects.

Lower Maintenance

The only necessity for a solar water heater to work is the installation and, post-installation, the consumption of solar energy. Also, compared to electric water heaters, the solar water heater needs lesser maintenance as it does not have any motor installed or any electrical parts. The requirement of maintenance can go a little higher if the solar water heater is installed in an area where there are hard water conditions.

Great For The Environment

Solar water heater works on solar energy, which is a renewable source of energy. Electric water heater depends on electricity. Apart from the electric water heater, another mode of heating water is by using the stove, which uses gasoline. Hence, solar water heaters are best for the environment.

Works During Power Cuts

The electric water heater will cease to work if there is a power cut. Also, other options like a stove will not be of any use if the gas exhausts. However, solar energy works without any hurdles. Solar water heater manufacturers make heaters that can sustain even where there are power cuts.

Longer Lifespan

People often wonder what the lifespan of a solar water heater is and whether it can outlast normal water heaters. Normal water heaters will only work well for 10 years. On the contrary, a solar water heater will last way longer than a normal water heater. Solar water heaters can last for about 20 years, which is double the lifespan of a normal water heater.

Easy And Hassle-free Installation

The installation of solar panels is done by professionals. The solar panels are pretty simple to install and can be installed with minimum cost.


To conclude, considering all the aspects regarding solar water heaters, it is safe to say that solar water heaters are definitely worth the investment. It might be a little expensive at first, but after the installation is done, there is a minimum to zero operating cost.

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