Given the current state of the world, where resources are depleting at an alarming rate, it has become crucial to either reserve these resources or create new ones for the future of humankind. There have been many trials to conserve energy. But due to the ever-rising demand of the ever-increasing population, it is essential to come up with a solution that is also effective in the long run.

One such option to make ends meet is to use renewable sources of energy instead of conventional ones. However, the switch between the two is not that simple. If you, too, are wondering why solar energy is the need of the hour, then keep reading till the end.

​​What are the Different Types of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the energy that is derived from the sun. Since the sun will not burn out for billions of years to come and maybe even more, the energy from it is a perfect example of non-exhaustible energy.

Everything in the world needs electricity today, and solar energy does just that. The heat from the sun’s rays is converted into electricity for further use. However, it is crucial to know the different types of solar energy to know which will suit humankind and the environment better.

There are mainly three types of solar energy that can be found in the environment.

  • Solar Thermal – It is mainly used for heating purposes.
  • Concentrated Solar Power – It can be used to generate large-scale electricity.
  • Photovoltaic Solar – It is used to generate electricity on an everyday basis.
How Does Solar Energy Work?

The working of solar energy works on the type of solar energy. When it comes to solar thermal, it is generated via a solar thermal panel that has a black surface. It absorbs light, heats it, and then transfers it into a working fluid. It is then moved to a hot water store, which is used for heating.

When it comes to the other type of concentrated solar power, the sun’s rays are absorbed through the mirrors, and much higher temperatures are created. These temperatures heat water and create steam to generate electricity later.

In the photovoltaic solar energy type, the sun rays are absorbed in solar panels, which are then passed on to grids to generate electricity. The primary function is that the sun’s energy can be absorbed during the day and used at night, making a perfect balance.

What are the 5 Benefits of Renewable Energy?

There are many benefits to using solar energy, and they are as follows:

  • Since solar energy is a renewable energy source, there is no exhaustion. It will always be available.
  • Renewable energy sources are reliable and trustworthy.
  • It is great for the environment as energy generation is from an inexhaustible source of energy.
  • Less expensive in the long run. The maximum cost involved is during the initial stage.
  • Since there is so much to be done to generate electricity via solar energy, it creates many job opportunities for people.
Is It Possible to Replace Fossil Fuels with Solar Energy?

In the broader sense, replacing solar energy with fossil fuels is possible. It might take time to cover all the lost fuels, but as the world moves on to solar energy, it will eventually stop using fossil fuels one day.


Thus, as there are so many benefits that you can avail yourself of solar energy, it has become essential to utilize it in the best way possible. More than that, if the depleting resources are concerned, it is right to say that solar energy is the need of the hour.

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